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HighSchoolPupils.jpgCreate a unique atmosphere for your school by taking away the harsh sounding bells and replacing them with musical bells that reflect the ethos of your students.

By carefully selecting the music to use you can personalise your environment and bring it to life, filling the classrooms and corridors with sounds that match the culture of your school.

See smiles on the faces of your pupils as they move between their lessons, listening to the music you have chosen for them.

PrimaryKids.jpgRing My Bell is an easy to use school bell system that controls the ringing of bells in schools.

The timetable for a whole year of bells can be set up in minutes and then simply tweaked, when ever required. It handles all the needs of a modern school providing a wide range of intuitive controls and facilities.

The school bell ringing system can emulate contemporary and old fashioned bells but encourages you to get creative and make your own sounds.

As well as ringing bells this automatic bell timer can be set to play music. The music has independent volume to the bells so the bells can sound and be heard over the music.

Using this facility calming music can be played when the pupils get to school, music can also be played between lessons the length of the tune indicating how long the children have to get to their next lesson.

If required it can even interface with your existing bell system and gives you the freedom to freely switch between the two methods as you wish.

Basic wiring for Ring My Bell

The Computer running Ring My Bell can be plugged directly into the school's PA system. If that is not an option, it also comes with a Network Client that can be loaded locally on each classroom computer. The bell is then played through the classroom or smart-board speakers.

When the Network Client is used Zones can be set up allowing the bell to be sounded at different times in different parts of the school. This is especially useful for handling different break or lunch times for junior and senior children.

This programmable school bell timer can schedule different bells for each day of the week or run the same time table every day.

The current day’s schedule, of class changes and break times, is shown on screen and can be temporarily adjusted without altering the rest of the calendar.

Bells can be cancelled or run immediately. If a little more time is needed to get lunch ready it’s a few simple clicks to quickly add five minutes to the lunch time bell.

Bells can also be temporarily changed for the day or the whole week before automatically returning to the normal schedule. If for example the school was running a ‘Multicultural Week’, the bells can be easily changed to relevant songs. Other examples are using Christmas Carols as bells in the run up to Christmas or playing Alice Cooper "Schools Out" at the end of the year.

Changing the schedule in Ring My Bell is easy and takes next to no time. This can save your school time as well as money and will encourage you to make changes where before it was too difficult to make it worthwhile.

Changes can be temporary so there is no need to go back in and re-adjust your schedule after the bell has rung saving you even more time.

Ring My Bell makes bell sounds from a built in library of bells but also enables you to create custom bells from any WAV or MP3 file found on your computer. This allows you to play specific bells for particular school occasions, have a special bell of the day or week, or have unique bells when the school has important visitors.

What our customers say...

“We have been using Ring My Bell without issue at JCoSS for some time. It was easy to set up and we can make daily changes to the time table if needed. It suits the needs of our school perfectly and it’s great to be able to create our own atmospheric musical bells.”

Jeremy Stowe-Lindner
JCoSS London

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